Теорія ймовірностей та математична статискика / Probability theory and mathematical statistics

Місюра Євгенія Юріївна, доцент кафедри вищої метематики та економіко-математичних методів, кандидат технічних наук

The main purpose of teaching is forming future specialists’ basic mathematical knowledge for solving theoretical and practical problems in professional activity of competent specialist in a service sphere, skills of analytical thinking and skills of using mathematical knowledge for formation of real processes and developments, and for solving economic problems. The main tasks that should be solved in the process of teaching the discipline are: giving students knowledge of the basic parts of probability probability and mathematical statistics; definitions, theorems, rules; proving of the main theorems; mastering the fundamentals of a methodology of a mathematical investigation of the applied economic problems; independent broadening of knowledge, development of logical and algorithmical thinking; the obtainment of primary skills for independent-learning of mathematical and applied Bibliography by students. The subject of the discipline "Probability probability and mathematical statistics" is the fundamentals of probability probability and mathematical statistics.

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